Day 6 – The Bathroom Closet! #31DaysToClean


Not too bad. I have a feeling my oldest will want to organize for me. SCORE.

It’s time to clean out the bathroom closets or nooks (whichever you have) from your first bathroom! Ready? Let's do this! Here’s the plan:
  • Pull everything out of the closet onto the floor or on a space where you can go through everything you have in there
  • Get a trash bag (you’ll need it)
  • Sort each item into trash (hello trash bag), keep, or donate (yes donate, you might have something in there that you really don’t use or need but that is nearly new)
  • Take the donate box IMMEDIATELY to your car and either drop the stuff of that day or this week
  • Once you have sorted, organize and put back into the closet
  • Voilà! You are done for the day!

Get the Kids Involved!

Who says you should have to organize all by yourself? Get your kiddos to help! If you have a child who is willing to organize, let go of the control and let them put everything away (just give them simple guidelines). Help is help!

After Pics!


She organized the bathroom closet for two scoops of ice cream. :)

Also, why do I still have Desitin? I have no babies...


And she did it all in roller blades. That's just how she rolls. HA!

The Online Friends Who Clean Together, Stay Together

Or something like that.

If you want to join the challenge using your social media channels, use the hashtag #31DaysToClean. I'll be posting updates on my Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter account! Also, if you are blogging through the challenge, feel free to leave the direct link to your blog post in the comments!

Love, SM

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Sarah Mae