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How do you forgive someone
who wounded you so deeply

who carelessly brushed aside your pain, who caused such destruction? How do you forgive them when your wounds are still open, they show no remorse, and you’re so tangled up with them you’re not sure how to get untangled?

These are the questions Sarah Mae has wrestled with since she was fourteen years old—the year she moved in with her mother.

The Complicated Heart takes readers on a journey where they will experience Sarah’s story with her. Readers will be able to peek behind the curtain into the heart of her mom as well, through journal entries and letters. The story of Sarah and her mom is the story of how light finds a way in, even in the deepest darkness. It is a story that shows victory, hope, and redemption in the midst of trauma and pain.

The Complicated Heart is for every woman who has ever wondered if her broken could heal.

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