Day 4: Kitchen Floors and Cabinets #31DaysToClean


As Jimmy Fallow says, "Ew."



Oh my goodness. I had no idea my floor was this disgusting. Double ew.

There was a time dear readers when I had a lovely woman coming once a week to clean my home. And bless her heart, SHE NEVER TOLD ME WHAT A SLOB I WAS! I mean, I got down on my belly to get these pics (I promptly showered afterwards), and EW EW EW! I mean. EW. I think you've figured out already, but I no longer have that precious woman helping me. Dear Lord send her back. So I am faced with my nastiness. And it is...nasty. Time to take care of business.

Let's Do This!

We shall scrub the floors, but first, the cabinets. Take a close look at them. Do you see the dirt and stuck-on food? Go on, get your sponge and get to work! And when you finish the cabinets, move on to the floor. Do not even look at the hand-held mop. Oh no, sister, you need to get a sponge and a bowl full of hot soapy water and get on your hands and knees. Clean those floors well! Get those pieces of mac n’ cheese, the old cheerio, and the...what is that? Get too it! Scrub, baby scrub! Get Your Kids Involved! How about asking your child to help you! Give them the sponge and the soapy water and have them wash the floors. I would have an older child (over six) do this unless you want water everywhere (ask me how I know). You could offer to pay your child to help if this is out of the realm of their everyday jobs. Take all the help you can get!

After Pics!

I'm in Colorado with Sally at her MomHeart conference, so my kids and I got these tasks done early! I'll be back on Monday!


That's right. These AWESOME kids are my super helpers!


And they liked it!


Okay, so she didn't like it so much, but here's how I got her to clean. SHE asked me if she could have my ePantry box, and I told her "SURE", if you clean the kitchen floor. :) She agreed. And she got the box, which is now a "hotel" for her dolls. WIN WIN!

(I had to go back and clean up a few spots, but overall she did a great job!)


The Online Friends Who Clean Together, Stay Together

Or something like that.

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Love, SM

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