The Influence of a Mother

As I’ve been reading through different articles on the Syrian refugee crisis, one stood out to me as particularly inspiring.

Some of you might be familiar with the Greek yogurt Chobani. Well it turns out that the founder of Chobani, Hamdi Ulukaya, plans on giving most of his wealth away to help the refugees, and this is what he says about it:

“I have always planned to give most of what I had. Growing up, I watched my mother give to those who needed and it came from the most amazing place in her heart…”

“…Today, I dedicate my signing of the Giving Pledge to my mother and I am publicly committing the majority of my personal wealth—along with everything else I can do—to help refugees and help bring an end to this humanitarian crisis.”

Ya’ll, it was the influence of his mother that so profoundly imprinted on him that he is choosing to give away his money to help others.

What a beautiful reminder of the influence of a mother.

For all of you out there mothering, you matter. Your hidden work matters. Your sleepless nights and your constant giving, matter. When you feel weary and just done, know that all of your imperfect, beautiful, faithful offering is impacting and imprinting on your children. And yea, I know you feel like you’re making a million mistakes, but your little ones, they are gracious and God is kind, and the good things are getting in them. Don’t doubt that.

Keep praying, keep going, one step at a time, slow and steady. When you mess up, when you sin, confess it to God and ask your kids to forgive you. Begin again. Don’t give up.

You matter more than you know.

Because maybe one day your kids will grow up and give and serve and love so well they may make an impact that has eternal significance.

They may be the hands of God to someone one day.

Just as you are, right now, to them.

Love, SM

Sarah Mae