Hey Moms, I believe in you

To all the moms out there, especially the ones with small children,

It’s hard raising humans. PERIOD. And don’t you feel guilty for admitting it. We don’t need any more women hiding out for fear of being honest about how hard motherhood really is.

And yes, as with anything good and worthwhile, work is involved. HARD work. Diligence. Intention. But here’s what I want you to know today:

I believe in you.

I believe that you have what it takes to be a great mom. In fact, I bet you already are one. So yea, you blow it more times than you’d like, but you love your kiddos and you are doing your best with who you are and what you have.

I see you.

I see that you beat yourself up when you fail. I see that you lay awake at night wondering how you can do better. I see that you cuddle your babes and take care of their boo boo’s and make them their favorite snack. I see that you’re trying.

I know some of you are really tired, and the last thing you need to hear is DO BETTER! I want to tell you to rest, snuggle, eat cake, and even sometimes binge watch Netflix. It’s okay. We’re all figuring out how to live well and sometimes living well is crashing in bed with ice cream and a movie.

Some of you need to know that there is hope.

There is hope for raising your kids; you’re not alone in it. You’ve got a long line of sisters before you and after you who are WITH you. Listen to the older sisters. They have wisdom and experience. Listen to the gracious ones, the kind ones.

I know you are trying to raise and disciple and teach and discipline your children, you just aren’t always sure how. I know that you know it matters; your mothering matters!

Might I offer a few tips to encourage you as you are raising your special little people? I am in this right with you.

Forgive Yourself and Begin Again

Listen, you are going to botch up. We all do because we are human and we sin. It’s why we need Jesus and it’s why at the end of the day the most important thing we can do is lead our children to our loving Savior. I yell to much, and I didn’t think I did. The other day my son yelled at my daughter and I thought, “That’s what I sound like.” Ouch. Our children are a mirror of their world. My kids are with me all day, so guess what, they are getting most of the stuff, the good and the ugly, from me. Talk about convicting! But I’ve learned that if I stay in a place of guilt, I don’t move forward and it’s easier to give up. We must not give up! So I accept the grace of my Father and His forgiveness, and with His help, I begin again. You can to. Always, everyday.

Learn From Wise Women

If there is anything that I could pass on to you it would be to listen and heed the words of older, wiser women who have gone before us. Most of you know that I ADORE Sally Clarkson. She is wise and gracious and idealistic and she has done the work. I cannot recommend her books enough. I would also recommend Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner by Jaroldeen Edwards.

Keep On

It is so easy to let things slide in the every day of raising children. Ask me how I know. But if there is anything I’ve learned from my mentors, the wise sisters who have gone before me, it is that it is worth it to keep on! It’s worth it every time you have to break up a fight or correct a disrespectful attitude or give another time-out after your child disobeys and have yet another talk about how we use our words. IT’S WORTH IT. The time truly does fly, and I don’t want to miss it! I bet you don’t want to either.

So here’s the thing, sister, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine and He’s got both of us. We can do this mothering thing, but we’ve got to lift each other up and not bring each other down. We’ve got to be FOR each other.

I am for you. I’m cheering you on and praying for all of you that you would keep on. Don’t give up. One day at a time.

Love you so,


Sarah Mae