Do you ever feel like you just keep failing at this homemaking thing?
Do you wish you could be better at taking care of your home, but not struggle with so much guilt?

I hear you. Me too! I consider myself to be domestically challenged, but I've learned that being a "good" homemaker has less to do with having a clean home and more to do with loving others well. 

As a matter of fact, I would prefer to get rid of the word good altogether and replace it with gentle. I want to cultivate the art of “gentle homemaking,” which is the ability to be gentle and kind with ourselves in the process of making and keeping a home while being gentle and kind to those around us.

I love, love, love this book! Sarah Mae is a fellow struggler. As a recovering messy I appreciate that. Rather than detailed spreadsheets and overwhelming to-do lists, Sarah offers practical advice and gentle challenges that offer hope to our cluttered homes as well as our cluttered hearts. I wish I would have had this book back in the middle of my struggle.

Dear friend,

Eight years ago I wrote a series of blog posts to encourage my readers to get their homes mostly clean. It was a battle cry for those of us drowning in housework. 

Those posts became the eBook, 31 Days to Clean

Updated and revised, 31 Days to Clean is now Having a Martha Home the Mary Way: 31 Days to a Clean Home and a Satisfied Soul. 

And this time, the battle cry is for the heart to know it can be loved and secure and identified in the One who gives us our homes and our calling. 

Having a Martha Home the Mary Way is for those of us who are still drowning a bit in housework, but who need to know that our identity is not in the work or the expectations put on us. At the heart, this book is about love, loving ourselves and others through a home that offers rest and peace and welcome. It is a move towards gentle homemaking, where we accept our limitations with grace, and offer that same grace to those who come under our roofs and into our care. 

If you’ve struggled under the weight of all there is to do and be as a woman who makes a home, my hope is that you will find in this book refreshment and relief for your weary, overwhelmed soul. 

With much love, Sarah Mae

Having a Martha Home the Mary Way will help you...

  • Learn the art of gentle homemaking - being gentle with yourself and others
  • Learn the beautiful balance between being a "Mary" and a "Martha" - We need both!
  • Finally release the guilt that you have to be a certain type of homemaker to be a "good" one
  • Be inspired to clean! Yes, really! And it can be fun!