let’s celebrate the launch of the complicated heart!

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Eventbrite - The Complicated Book Launch Party!

It's time to RAISE THE ROOF and celebrate the goodness and kindness of God and how He weaves beautiful stories out of seemingly hopeless ones.

Quick Info. to Know!

  • Tickets to this event are $20. There are a limited amount of tickets, so make sure to get your ticket stat!

  • There will be hors d'oeuvres and desserts served!

  • We will laugh and dance to 90’s music!

  • We will have wine for the guests, but if you want more than a glass of wine, bring some cash! (There will be a cash bar with beer and a few cocktail options.)

  • You can buy books at the party and Sarah will sign them!

  • The venue is GORGEOUS! It is out in the country in a barn and you are going to LOVE IT!

Eventbrite - The Complicated Book Launch Party!
I have no idea who these people are. I took this picture of a picture of a party at the barn!

I have no idea who these people are. I took this picture of a picture of a party at the barn!

Your Burning Questions Answered:

What Happens at a Book Launch Party?

Great question! At this party, we're going to eat, drink, and be merry! It will look something like this:

Welcome, hi!

Book reading and stories!


Photo booth, dancing, mingling, games (introverts, have no fear, the games will be outside and mainly for the dudes), eating yummy nibbles!

Book signing!

Will I Get to Meet/Hang Out with Sarah?

Sarah will be mingling with everyone, meeting as many people as possible, in addition to signing books! When you see her, give her a hug (or a fist bump if you’re not into hugs)! She can’t wait to meet you!

Can I Bring My Kids?

If your kids are 14 and older, yes, but please make sure to purchase them their own ticket!

(You will see Sarah's kids there because, well, they're her kids. And her kids might have a friend with them. Take note so if you see any kids you don't think you've been gypped!)

Can I Buy the Book at the Party?

Yes, you can! We'll have a register situation and everything so cash and cards will be accepted! There will also be some pre-signed and wrapped books if you wanted to get one for a friend! Yay and thank you!

Eventbrite - The Complicated Book Launch Party!

We are so excited to celebrate this launch, and what a delight to celebrate it with you! Can’t wait to see you there!