Good Works:

Our family has decided to focus our time and resources on these two organizations.

The Exodus Road – Fighting against slavery and sex trafficking

“You may not be able to kick down brothel doors, but you can send someone who can.” 

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Learn how you can help by clicking HERE.

Preemptive Love Coalition – Serving the people of Iraq by loving first and asking questions later

“Violence and dictatorships destroy hospitals and leave children to die. But we have a proven process to heal hearts and save lives across enemy lines.”

Must read: Preemptive Love: Pursuing Peace One Heart at a Time by Jeremy Courtney



Are You Raising Warriors or Refugees? By Sally Clarkson

“So, as a mom, I had to ask, “Would He have me do anything less than send my own children, as God sent His own son, into the world to redeem dark places?”

What Kind of Person Does God Use? By Donald Miller

“If you glance at scripture for just a second, you’d get the sense that God uses perverts and criminals.”

Perfectionism by Ann Voskamp

“…why did I ever think our children could be perfectly obedient? 100% of the time?”

How She Won My Heart by Laura Booz

The mystery is, she did absolutely nothing to win my heart. She didn’t have to do anything to win my heart. But did she ever.”

Time to Quit: The Beauty of a Quiet Life by Laura Booz

“And life. slowed. down. And got wonderfully quiet. And very, very small.”