Day 9 – FINALLY! We Begin the Living Room! (Goodbye Christmas Tree!)

Okay, I AM ALL CAUGHT UP! Praise the Lord. How are you holding up? Need a catch-up day? DO IT. Also, did you enter the Mary & Martha $200 giveaway yet? You can do that here. :) FINALLY, we move into the living room. My living room NEEDS help.



First, the Christmas tree must go. After that, here's the plan:
  • Pick up anything that doesn’t belong in the living room and get it out of there. If it’s the kids things, have them put it away. Make sure nothing is on the floor that shouldn’t be on the floor. This goes for couches and chairs as well.
  • Fluff up and put your pillows or blankets on your chairs and couches. Isn’t that pretty?
  • Now begin working on one area at a time. Perhaps you have a mantel or a piano or a space for toys. Pick one and completely get it cleaned and organized before moving onto the next one. To do this, remove everything from the surface and dust, sort items, and re-decorate/organize.
Do everything but the bookshelves and the floor washing (if you have wood floors). We’ll begin that tomorrow!

After Pics!


It's out! Okay, so I couldn't pull the base off, BUT IT'S FINALLY OUT!


pianoafter notree

No tree!



So yea, I spilled wax on the piano. I will tackle this in a bit! Any suggestions?

The Online Friends Who Clean Together, Stay Together

Or something like that.

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Love, SM

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