Day 22 - Sorting Day!


I literally swooshed everything from my kitchen counter (that wasn't dish-related) into this trash bag...a month ago.

Sorting day! Remember how you stuffed all those papers and miscellaneous items from your kitchen counters and drawers into a bag or bin? Well friend, today is the day you are going to sort through all of that stuff. Yep, so settle in with some good tunes and get to it! In fact, if you're in the east, today is a PERFECT day to sort because of ALL THE PRETTY SNOW outside! I love it. My kids will frolic in it and I will make hot chocolate. Cozy. And I will sort!

After Pics!

I just can't resist...


Snow day! I mean, she's just SO CUTE!

caresnow Okay, digging in to the trash bag...


All the stuff!


The Desperate Audio Book! Don't have time to read it? Listen to it! Sadly, Sally and I aren't the ones who read the book.


Some favorites! Songs for Saplings and Classical Kids!


We LOVE Sir Malcolm and the Prince!!!! Such a great story!


Pretty earrings. The ones on the left were my grandmother's and the ones on the right were from my dear friend Logan.


Blue Ridge Black Bean Salsa! SO good!


Oh, it's a talk I gave. :)


My son wrote a book. The Lion Eats Tonight. Get it. Ha!


This was not on the counter, but since there were so many recipes in that trash bag, I brought this out to finally give those recipes a home!


The Online Friends Who Clean Together, Stay Together

Or something like that.

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Love, SM

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