Wonderful time offline

Aside from getting into a fight with a cabinet the first day of my break (and acquiring a Harry Potter like mark on my forehead), I had a wonderful, wonderful, super time being offline.

I love being offline so much, that I’m probably going to stay offline much more. I gained perspective, was able to see things in my life more clearly, and just enjoyed the illusion that I had no online responsiblities (AKA no stress).

Grand I tell you, grand.

So what does this mean for the blog? It means that I am only going to post when I feel inspired to write. I don’t want to write just to write. I want to write when I have something to say, not something conjured up. Sometimes this means I’ll write every day for a week, and sometimes you may not see anything on here for two months. So it goes. I’m at peace.

When I first started blogging four years ago, I couldn’t wait to get online in the evenings and write because I loved it so much. I wrote every day, and I looked forward to it. Now, not so much. So, I’m making happy changes. 

I’m going to own my life (insomuch as that is possible), and make decisions that genuinely make me happy and that honor my family. A girl only has time for so much in her life.

Here’s to life!

Sarah Mae