Want to grow in faithfulness? Find the faithful people

We need heroes. I mean genuine heroes, authentic men and women who are admired for their achievements, noble qualities, and courage. Such people aren’t afraid to be different. They risk. They stand a cut above. Yet they are real human beings with flaws and failures like anyone else. But they inspire us to do better.
— Chuck Swindoll

I love being around people who inspire me to be better.

My friend Robyn is always inspiring me to read the Bible and stay close to grace. My friend Soleil inspires me to trust the work and guidance of the Holy Spirit that is alive within me; she always reminds me to go to Him when I’ve got questions or pain or confusion. My friend Amy inspires me to make homemade meals and go slow and steady and believe the truth of God’s gentleness. My mother-in-law inspires me to trust God with anything that comes our way, knowing He is faithful to complete the good work He has stared in us. My friend Robin inspires me to read good literature and to teach my children the gift of story and drama and beauty. I have more friends I could list here, but the point is, through the Lord’s kindness (I prayed and prayed for these kinds of friends) He has surrounded me with a  group of dear, close local friends that help me to be a better person. And I want to be betterI don’t want to stay the same year after year; I want to grow.

I know that if I want to be faithful and have integrity and keep on in the Word and following God by faith, I need to surround myself with faithful people who are after the same goal. That doesn’t mean I don’t have other friendships, it just means that my close friends, my inner-circle group who know me inside and out and who love the Lord and humbly follow Him, they are the ones who I “yoke” with.

The Lord has brought different people over the years who have profoundly impacted my life. Cathy Bowman from the Navigators, Kimberely Knockel and her work in teaching Core Lies, and Ann Kradel Gale as the woman who gently guided me through abortion counseling. You probably don’t know any of these women, but they are the heroes in my life and in countless others lives. They are the unsung heroes; the hidden ones who change souls without fanfare. I am deeply indebted to each of them.

And then there is Sally Clarkson, the gift of grace God brought to my life as a dear friend and mentor.

Sally has changed my life so profoundly that I often wonder what I’d be like if it weren’t for her unwavering investment in my life.

Sally not only inspires me in faithfulness and integrity, she has taught me to be a better woman. She keeps me accountable to my word; she holds me to a high standard because she cares about me. And I’m grateful. It’s easy to just float through life, but she teaches me to dream and have ideals and to be excellent in what God calls me to. She encourages me to hold fast to truth and beauty and good things and not go the way of culture because it’s popular. She has called out my selfishness in the past (always with gentleness and grace), and at first I didn’t like it, because who likes to be disciplined, but now I look back and I thank God that she helped me, that she trained me in righteousness. I thank God that she was willing to have uncomfortable conversations in order that I might grow strong in character and faithfulness. She is a rare one for sure, a cut above the rest, a heroA flawed hero to be sure, because she’s just so human like the rest of us, but a flawed, faithful, inspiring hero.

Who can you insert yourself around that is wise and kind and faithful? Don't put it off.

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Love, SM

Stick with me, friends. Keep track of those you see running this same course, headed for this same goal. There are many out there taking other paths, choosing other goals, and trying to get you to go along with them. I’ve warned you of them many times; sadly, I’m having to do it again. All they want is easy street. They hate Christ’s Cross. But easy street is a dead-end street…
— Philippians 3:17-19, The MSG Version
Sarah Mae