Learning not to look away (the gift of the burden)

I know it’s overwhelming.

The ache of the world. The injustice.

So often I just keep scrolling past the hard news because I can’t carry the burden of it. I look away. Pretend it’s not there or say I’ll look later. It’s my privilege to do so.

But this past week I heard “S” (an Indian man who goes into brothels to rescue girls) pray, “Thank you God for the gift of this burden.”

This burden, this weight of all the injustice, a gift?

So it is.

A gift to know the truth and a gift to not look away and a gift to be a part of the efforts of rescue. Yes, what a gift. Thank you God.

Thank you that the girls who are trapped in slavery aren’t hidden from our knowledge; it is known. We know. And we have a choice.

I have a choice.

I can look away and hide the knowledge, because it feels too much to bear. Or I can look and sear my mind with the truth that there are girls (and boys) enslaved and who need me to see them and not ignore them.

I will not look away. I see you.

I will do whatever I can to help rescue you, whether that’s going into the brothels to look for you, or whether that’s learning all I can about human trafficking, or whether it’s writing a check to help buy gear for investigators. Whatever I can do, I will do.

And if you want to do something, if you want to help be a part of changing the culture of darkness across the world or right here in our own backyard, you can.

Maybe you can’t go into the brothels yourself, or be a part of a raid, but you can support those who can and do.

There is so much you could support, I know. Injustice and need are everywhere. So this work, this need, is only for those of you who know this is what you want to be a part of. Don’t feel guilty if your heart is drawn to another need. But if you want to help The Exodus Road in the fight to end slavery, go here to learn more

I have more stories (and hope!) to share, so keep reading along. I’m not done. Thanks for looking.


If you want to help The Exodus Road in the fight to end slavery, here is a tangible way: I need 50 people who are willing to donate $35/month to help get these girls out of the brothels. This is specific to India, and 100% of your donation goes to funding investigations that lead to the freedom of these minors. I know it’s hard to read these stories and feel so helpless, but you *can* help. You may not be able to go onto the front lines and kick down brothel doors, but you can hire those who can and who are. To join the 50 who are willing to not look away, to carry the burden that is a gift, head HERE. Thank you so much!

Sarah Mae