Homemaking and Going into Brothels: the Holy Work of Both

It seems so insignificant doesn’t it? Writing and caring about homemaking when there are girls stuck as sex slaves around the world.

But here I am, writing about homemaking and motherhood and the daily stuff of life. This is my privileged life. And I mean that in the purest sense; I am privileged to be able to write and mother with all the tools I need at my disposal and keep a home. I’m thankful. I’m grateful.

So how can I go on normally after learning what I’ve learned, after seeing what I’ve seen in SouthEast Asia?

I just do.

I go on. I keep on. I have a family to take of and people to love and disciples (my kids) to teach.

This is good, holy work.

But I will also not look away anymore. I will continue in my work with The Exodus Road. I will pray and support and write. This is also good, holy work.

And I will teach my children to not look away, but to care and to help. Age-appropriate and in the seasons of time, but I want to nurture into them the holiness of justice.

So I will clean my house and do the laundry and live available where God has me. It’s worthy to rescue those trapped in sex slavery and it’s worthy to keep a home in order to love others. And I can and will do both. This is life, the holy and sacred and burdened life we wear.

Joy and heartache.

Good and evil.

Housework and brothels.

We intersect.

The key is to live well and open where you are, but to look and see and give and work in the holy dark.

To stay bright. To sit in the darkness with those who are in it; to push it back where we are able. And we are all stronger, by God’s grace, and more able than we think.

So keep on. Keep on in your holy homemaking and normal days and keep on in looking and seeingthe broken and not giving up. Your kids need you, your community needs you, girls trapped in sex slavery need you. But no need to be overcome. Remember, Jesus has overcome the world. You just need to be tender to it.

In the tenderness God will speak and He will use you.


Sarah Mae