He is Faithful Even When I'm Not

My Ella is six years old.

Nearly every night she asks to listen to the Bible as she falls asleep. Her favorite story, currently, is the story of Queen Esther. When I’m with her and she listens to it, we pause here and there so I explain things to her (what’s a signet ring? What’s a decree?). Since Esther is at the forefront of my little ones mind right now, I decided to buy the movie, One Night With The King. Just another medium from which to grasp the story.

I have been observing that when I give her the access (iphone audio bible, movie) to God’s Word in a way that best suits her, she feasts on it.

And God fills the gaps and He is so good and so gracious.

I have not been diligent about tucking the Word into my children’s hearts. I don’t make them memorize scripture and I haven’t been reading it to them as much I want. Yet He finds a way. He hears my prayers. I cuddle up with my babies and I think how I haven’t done enough, and I pray that He would get a hold of their hearts, and that they would follow after Him with all of who they are and for all of their lives. I ask that where I fall short, would He fill the gaps.

It is not excuse for me to falter as I do, but He is so kind to me and my children, and He is faithful even when I’m not.

He is reaching my Ella’s heart through His story, and she brings me in and we have wonderful talks about God and His people and His story…and we tuck His Word into our hearts together. Her joy of His story pushes me to get back on track, and to remember to be intentional with filling their spirits with what truly gives them life.

How do you serve your children His life-giving Word?

Sarah Mae