Episode 9 - A Bad Beginning (3-Part Series with Serena Woods)

Today on the show I’m talking with Grace is for Sinners author Serena Woods. This is a three-part interview. Listen below.

Serena’s story takes us through three acts, if you will. Act one, part 1, is today, and I’m talking with Serena about her “bad beginning” as she calls it in her book.

This episode is not appropriate for children. I also want to give you a heads up that the content in this episode deals with childhood sexual and physical abuse, as well as rape. Below I tell you exactly where those hard parts are so if you’d like, you can skip over them and still be able to hear the rest of the podcast.

Skip the Hard Parts

Serena talks about her childhood sexual abuse between 12:41 - 14:10

Serena talks about the physical abuse by her stepdad 15:18 - 18:22

Serena briefly mentions her rape at 31:12 - 31:50

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Sarah Mae