Episode 2 - Healing Through Lament - With Amy Smoker


Show Notes

Special Guest Amy Smoker:

A pastor’s wife for 15 years and a mother to 5, Amy Smoker believes in encouraging women. She’s a speaker, a lover of words and the Word, an avid reader, and a writer of actual letters with actual stamps. She’d like to say that she has a degree, but Hurricane Katrina washed away her college in her last semester. She’s no stranger to hard or sudden change; she moved nine times in the first ten years of her marriage, has stood on the foundation of her own hurricane-devastated house, and has known untimely loss. She understands that suffering and joy can run side-by-side like rails on the same train track and hopes that her words hold the hands of those who are aching. She counts it a great privilege to inspire and help women recognize the touch of the divine in the ordinary, in the easy, or in the difficult—wherever they might be. For right where we are, there He is.


  • Amy’s first loss and the devastating way she handled it, not knowing what else to do [5:55]

  • Amy’s second big loss [8:00]

  • Amy’s third traumatic loss [13:05]

  • Amy’s fourth crisis [17:12]

  • Amy’s fifth loss [18:43]

  • What Amy has learned through grief and lament [23:08]

  • The pathway to the Lord’s heart [24:30]

  • What Amy has to say to the woman who has suffered great devastation in her life. [39:02]

Key Scripture:

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you…” Isaiah 66:13


“A key to knowing Jesus, is needing Jesus.” [5:00]

“Grief is letting go of something you once had and that you can no longer have.” [23:25]

“We are not only taught to lament in the scriptures, we are invited to do it, because the Lord knows it is a pathway to His heart.” [24:30]

“Our emotions are the voice of our heart.” [29:54]

“I have never been low enough, that I didn’t have something I knew to be true of the Lord.” [34:18]

“When we experience the Lord through hard times, we come to know Him on a level that we can’t get by reading a book, or listening to a sermon or going to a conference.” [36:13]

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