Thank God there's hope for people like you and me. (8).png
Thank God there's hope for people like you and me. (7).png
Thank God there's hope for people like you and me. (5).png

If You Are Considering an Affair

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In college I cheated on a boyfriend. More than once. In fact, one boyfriend told me I should have a big red sign on my forehead that read, “DANGER.” Here is what I want to tell you about what I know about cheating and consequences from a place of experience.


I have bad thoughts about my husband (and not the dirty kind)

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I don’t remember who I was telling (maybe my editor?) that I would never write a book on marriage because I stink at it. Marriage is not my forte. I got nothin’. Except, you know, a marriage. BUT IT’S HARD AND I’M NO GOOD AT IT. I will be winning no good wife awards. I struggle with marriage.


It feels like being stuck in a glass box. You can see out but you can’t get out. It feels like you have to cook a feast for 5o people while also cleaning your house and schooling your kids, and you have less than a day to do it (but really you have nothing to do)...


My sweet, precious, delight of a child took hold of the skin UNDER MY ARM. You know the place, where triceps are supposed to be. The dangling place. The place that has names I shall not refer to as to not offend. THAT PLACE. She squeezed it, and then she jiggled it...

Following the Spirit to Public School


My kids started public school a few weeks ago. (I know, weird and surprising.) 

To put this in perspective of the randomness and weirdness and unlikeliness of us putting our kids in public school...


Maybe Your Two-Year Old Just Needs You

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I rubbed her head and  nuzzled my nose into her hair, and felt the delicateness of her soft skin. She lay there precious and still, with heavy eyelids, and I kissed her head and thought, “How many times have I rushed bedtime? How many moments like this have I lost?”

Thank God there's hope for people like you and me. (4).png