Life Tips

I wrote this up for my teen daughter and my youth group girls. Get the printable of it HERE.

Don’t write anything down you wouldn’t want someone to read. Do pray about how you’re really feeling about the thing you want to write down. Talk to a close, trusted friend. Process in relationship, not isolation.

Don’t post pictures on social media with boyfriends.Do post with friends and family.

Don’t make the duck face or stick out your tongue in selfies – it just looks bad (unless you’re taking an obvious funny-face picture).Do smile, have fun, and be you!

Don’t spend too much time on social media because it will make you feel bad. Do get with friends in real life.

Remember, images you look at will stay in your brain long after you’ve looked. Choose wisely what you look at and watch.

Don’t ever talk bad about someone behind their back. You’ll have a clear conscience and there will be less drama in your life.

Be kind to everyone. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, but you can always be kind.

Listen to those who are different from you. Really listen and then consider honestly what they've said. It's easy to have blind spots when we're mostly around people just like us.

Things to keep in your purse or backpack: Pads, ibuprofen, a nail file, Chapstick (Burt’s Bees is the best), gum or mints, tweezers, a book, and a pen.

Don’t be passive aggressive. If you’re upset or unsure about a thing, face it, talk about it, be honest with yourself and others. (A few passive aggressive statements are: “I’m not mad!” when you are, and “Fine. Whatever.” “Why are you getting so upset?” “I was only joking.” “I thought you knew.”).

Feel and grieve the things that hurt. Don’t stuff your feelings or pretend they don’t exist. God gave us emotions, and often they alert us to deeper truths to what is going on inside us. Pay attention to them. What are they trying to tell you about what’s really going on in your heart? Be honest and brave enough to face where they lead.

Freedom usually comes after pain. Stick with the pain until it has done its work. It hurts and is hard, but if you stay with it instead of refusing it or running from it, freedom and healing will come. 

Be honest with God. He knows all your junk anyway. The enemy will try and tell you that you can’t approach God because you keep messing up, but it’s a lie. You can always approach God because He sits on a throne of grace. He’s always ready when you are.

Ask God to help you understand the Bible. Ask Him to speak to you through it, and to make it alive and fresh for you. Keep at it. Stay humble.

(What would you add?)

Sarah Mae

Sarah Mae spends her days home-making, home-educating, writing, reading, and drinking salted caramel mochas. Her family embraces life in the beautiful Amish country-side of Pennsylvania. She is the owner of the community site Allume and the co-host of the national Christian women’s social media conference.