Giving Myself Grace on Those Days

There are some days when I am so tired not even coffee can keep my eye lids functioning at a normal rate.

I’m dragging. I’m not doing crafts today. I’m not taking them on a walk. I’m not reading to them. We’ll get a smidgen of school work done, the basics.

These are not the days I want to live as life, but there are some days like these, and I’m just going to have to give myself grace.

Grace as I head to the movie store so there can be a movie day.

Grace to feed them store bought pumpkin pie, string cheese, and apple cider for lunch…and maybe even dinner.

Grace to try again tomorrow.

I know some people will think I’m being a bad mother. I’m being irresponsible. But I think I’m a good mother who is in process, and who some days, just needs a string-cheese, movie marathon kind of day.

There are enough “shoulds” in the world of a mother. Today, instead of “should” I’m saying, “could”.

I could take it easy on myself during certain times of the month when a gal is just flat out tired.

I could believe that God is just as pleased with me today as He is on the days when I’m rockin’ and rollin’ as a mama.

I could believe that my babies are okay when I’m a sack of potatoes.

I could believe that a movie marathon day won’t ruin their brains (depending on what they watch 

I think we’ll all just be okay today.

Pass the pie.

Sarah Mae